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Low Thyroid Symptoms

Low thyroid symptoms can be quite frustrating. They range from making you tired, to making you feel like you’re going to blow your top, for little or no reason at all.  Usually thyroid symptoms include gaining weight, lots of aches and pains, and even fuzzy thinking. Sound familiar?  If you have been suffering from one […]

Thyroid Symptoms

Thyroid symptoms are becoming almost commonplace in Americans.  In order to understand how these symptoms come about, let’s start by getting a good understanding of the purpose of the thyroid and how it works. The thyroid gland is a relatively small, butterfly shaped gland located in the neck area.  Although it is small, it is […]

Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Women

When looking at the various hypothyroidism symptoms, the specific hypothyroidism symptoms in women are often difficult to discern because many are associated more closely with female hormone imbalances and no one makes the connection to hypothyroidism. But there’s actually a very strong connection. Because of this, women are often misdiagnosed as having some other disorder […]

Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

If your thyroid gland stops making enough thyroid hormone, or if it begins to make too much, chances are fairly certain that you will eventually develop symptoms of thyroid problems. Unfortunately, in its very early stages, hypothyroidism is usually without noticeable symptoms. Occasionally, a patient may have very mild symptoms such as a feeling of […]

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

When you consider how tiny the thyroid gland really is, you may find it surprising that it can be responsible for such a large number of associated symptoms of hypothyroidism.  We tend to think of hypothyroidism mostly in terms of our metabolism and its connection to our ability to lose or gain weight, but it’s […]

Hypothyroid Symptoms

If you’ve had concerns that you may be suffering from hypothyroid symptoms, but your physician hasn’t been able to give you an accurate diagnosis, you may want to familiarize yourself with the common signs and symptoms that indicate the disorder so you can determine if you are, in fact, suffering from hypothyroidism. First of all, […]

Natural Thyroid Treatment

The alternative health movement has been gaining quite a lot of momentum in recent years. And it’s quite evident from the number of people who are seeking different forms of natural thyroid treatment instead of relying on the conventional medical community which has had quite the bad track record with hypothyroidism. But not every natural […]

Thyroid Treatment

When it comes to hypothyroidism, there are a lot of thyroid treatment options to consider. But most of the available options do hypothyroidism sufferers an injustice by relying entirely on taking a pill to solve their thyroid problems. But the way that your thyroid works is far more complex than that. So this pill popping […]