Hypothyroidism Symptom Checklist

Are you unsure as to whether or not you suffer from hypothyroidism? Does your doctor tell you that your TSH levels are fine but you still believe that you’re hypothyroid? If you answered yes to either of these questions then this hypothyroidism symptom checklist can help.

Problems with TSH Testing

It’s well known that TSH levels are not a very accurate indicator of hypothyroidism. But for some reason, the medical community continues to use it, and oftentimes as the only reference point. But there are many well known factors that can lower TSH levels in hypothyroid people which this test does not account for. And because of this, hypothyroidism has become extremely under-diagnosed today.

But that’s also where a good hypothyroidism symptom checklist can come in handy. It can give you a good indication of whether or not hypothyroidism is the likely culprit of your hypothyroidism symptoms.

Hypothyroidism Symptom Checklist

Using this hypothyroidism symptom checklist is easy. All you have to do is place a check mark next to any symptom below that you’ve experienced more recently or as a child.

By using this hypothyroidism symptom checklist to look back at your childhood it becomes easy to see if you were at risk of hypothyroidism as a child which typically worsens over time.


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Hypothyroidism Symptom

As A Child


I have a diagnosed thyroid problem  
I have a family history of thyroid disease  
I am gaining or losing weight inappropriately  
I am unable to lose weight with diet/exercise  
I often feel and look puffy  
I tend to gain weight around my mid-section  
I don’t have much of an appetite  
I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome  
I am constipated  
I have other gastrointestinal problems  
I am sensitive to strong odors (perfumes, cigarette smoke, etc.)  
I have gallstones, or I’ve had my gallbladder removed  
I have other liver problems  
I often feel cold when everyone around me is comfortable  
My hands, feet, nose, maybe even my rear end are cold, especially at night  
I am less tolerant of hot weather  
I feel tickling or prickly sensations on my skin, as if a bug was on me  
I have persistent fatigue  
I have low energy  
Feeling run down, sluggish, lethargic  
It takes me longer to recover from activities  
I feel worse after exercise or other exertion  
It takes me much longer than normal to complete tasks  
I’ve had changes in perspiration: I sweat very little, or I sweat heavily  
My hair is coarse and dry, breaking, brittle  
My hair is falling out  
My skin is coarse, dry, scaly, and thick  
I have orange calluses, or my palms have an orange tone  
I bruise easily  
I have less body hair (armpit, chest, arms, legs, etc)  
I can’t pinch the skin on my outer upper arms/upper thighs because it’s too thick  
My face looks puffy/swollen, especially my upper eyelids  
My skin color looks pale and a bit yellow  
I have acne  
My nails are thin and brittle and break easily  
I have ridges on my nails  
I have bulging eyes  
My eyelids are puffy/swollen  
The outer third of my eyebrows are thinning or missing   
My eyes feel gritty and dry  
My eyes feel sensitive to light  
My eyes get jumpy/tics in eyes (eyelid spasms)  
My vision has gotten worse/suddenly need reading glasses  
I have a feeling of fullness in neck or throat  
My neck appears swollen  
I am having trouble swallowing or spasms in my esophagus  
I have a hoarse or gravelly voice  
My tongue is swollen and has scalloped edges/teeth marks  
I am having trouble clearly annunciating words, as if talking with my mouth full  
My speech is slow/it takes effort to speak  
I have chronic gum infections  
I have receding (or, overdeveloped) gums  
Tooth decay is particularly a problem  
I have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction)  
I am snoring more lately  
I have/may have sleep apnea  
I have insomnia  
I have frequent nightmares   
I often need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom  
I have a hard time getting up in the morning  
I have pains, aches in joints, hands and feet  
I have arthritis  
I have developed carpal-tunnel syndrome, or it’s getting worse  
I have sore feet or plantar fasciitis  
I have muscle weakness  
I have muscular pain/painful trigger points  
I have muscle spasms/cramps  
I have a slow Achilles tendon reflex  
I have difficulty concentrating  
I have ADD/ADHD  
I am having trouble remembering things  
I am having trouble learning new things  
I am having trouble grasping or “wrapping my head around” concepts  
My thought process has slowed down  
Colors seem less vivid and “flat” to me lately  
I feel anxious  
I feel restless  
My moods change easily  
I feel melancholy or depressed often  
I am shy/avoid social contact  
I have strange thoughts  
I seem to be losing interest in normal daily activities  
I have manic depression/ or Bipolar Disorder, or psychosis  
I have/had frequent upper respiratory infections (colds, bronchitis, strep, etc)  
I have frequent bladder infections  
I have frequent fungal/candida infections  
I have other frequent infections (viral, parasitic etc.)  
I have had other serious viral/bacterial infections (polio, TB,  etc)  
I have an auto-immune disorder-e.g. MS, Lupus, etc.  
I have tender lymph nodes  
I am anemic  
I have allergies  
I have tinnitus (ringing in ears)  
I have excessive ear wax  
I have fluid in my ear, or unexplained ear pain  
My hearing is reduced  
I have vertigo  
I feel some lightheadedness  
I feel shortness of breath and tightness in the chest  
I feel the need to yawn to get oxygen (air hunger)  
I have high cholesterol  
I have blood pressure irregularities (low or high)  
I have a low pulse (under 70 beats per minute)  
I have an irregular heartbeat  
I have atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)  
I have other heart problems  
I have prolonged bleeding (cuts/nosebleeds/bleeding gums/other bleeding)  
I have blood clotting problems (lack of clotting, or blood clots)  
I have/have had cancer  
I have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)  
I have diabetes type 1  
I have diabetes type 2  
I have a low sex drive  
I was born with a defect in my genitalia  
I am having trouble conceiving a baby  
Men Only:  
My testicles and/or penis is diminished and softer  
I have erectile dysfunction  
Women Only:  
I am having irregular/longer/heavier/more frequent menstrual cycles  
I have severe menstrual cramps  
I have fibroids  
I have fibrocystic breasts  
I have taken the birth control pill  
I am currently taking the birth control pill  
I have a history of miscarriage  
I have had a baby in the past nine months  
I had excessive during or post-partum bleeding or clotting  
I had post-partum thyroiditis in the past  

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Hopefully this hypothyroidism symptom checklist has opened you eyes to the wide array of symptoms that are associated with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism truly is responsible for a multitude of health problems and diseases and has failed to get the recognition that it deserves. And there are plenty of hypothyroidism treatment options that you can consider today to start getting some results with your health.

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  1. Sandee T
    Sandee T says:

    OH MY WORD!!! THIS LIST IS ME!!! SO much of it is me exactly! I’ve had the T3/T4 blood tests done for YEARS….but I’m always “barely in the normal range”! I hate to spend the money for this program…but it DOES have a 60 day guarantee…and if it doesn’t work…I can return it for a full refund. So, I will be taking the plunge. More later….

    • Alina Jorovat
      Alina Jorovat says:

      Hey Sandee did you purchase this program? has it worked? i am very wary of the author of this web page, as most, if not all content on this website i also found on other pages so not sure who is copying who here…..

      • Tom Brimeyer
        Tom Brimeyer says:

        Hi Alina, yes we do allow others to use our content, however, they should be still be listing us as the author. With that being said, you should visit our main website at http://www.forefronthealth.com.

        That is where we share all of our latest information, tools, and resources. Hope to see you there.


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